Guardian of Forever
Location:Ferguson, MO, USA

Guardian of Forever is a place where I create all sorts of ANSI experiments, such as:

  • Live parallax-scrolling ANSI demos, such as the Mermaid demo from the Mistrigis 1015 artpack, or the Millennium Falcon demo from Blocktronics’ “Detention Block AA-23” artpack.
  • Star Wars Opening Crawl ANSI demo
  • “Star Trek; The Trouble With The Rangifer Tarandus”, a holiday ANSI demo

The BBS is also home to my Synchronet doors:

  • Doubles, an ANSI adaptation of the popular game 2048.
  • Sports Stats, featuring standings and scores for the four major American sports
  • ElexForecast, an ANSI re-imagining of FiveThirtyEight’s 2016 Election Forecast map

Please visit, check out the constantly-changing experiments, give me some feedback, and strike up conversations on the messageboards!

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