Absinthe BBS

Hang out with the cool Amiga kids

Absinthe BBS aims to be the most comprehensive, fun Amiga BBS currently in operation! We offer what is likely the largest collection of quality Amiga BBS doors, game servers, a multiuser conference system with multiple nodes, and more! Also, only from here can you access Green Dragon RPGBBS!


  1. Alcatraz opened circa 1985 closed mid-late 1989. Currently runs on an emulator on a pc. We were a member of UFP. For best results, log in with an Atari 8-bit or ATASCII emulator like AT_Telnet2 or Syncterm for the PC.
Amiga Logo

Amiga City

A BBS for the Amiga computer line – Yes, it’s still supported… ūüôā We have over 2,500 downloads in the website, and a selected subset in the FTP area. We also have over 100 door games for you to enjoy, most not available anywhere else.

A 80’s Apple II BBS

Real BBS РReal Apple II РReal 5.25 Disks 

A 80’s Apple II BBS is running on a real Apple IIe with real 5.25 Duodisk. The Software is GBBS Pro V1.2 DOS3.3 – developed at the beginning 1980’s.

This is a real Apple II BBS, a real BBS with the hardware setup from the beginning 80’s – the Apple, the disks, the clock card a.s.o. … nothing is built past 1984.

You will have to wait from time to time till the disks have uploaded the data. You will have to understand how a board developed at the beginning 80’s works. And then … you will be a member of an exclusive group of people who share information and knowledge on the board and who enjoy this great feeling of the real BBS-Style!

Moreover are a lot of VisiCalc sheets for download offered.

Enjoy the board!

A 90’s Manila BBS

The System Operator’s primary motivation in running this BBS is to have fun in retro computing. He exerted effort to make this BBS give you a mid-1990’s BBSing experience. FsxNet and Fidonet echo mail areas are available here. Popular door games such as (but not limited to) LORD, LORD2, Global War, etc., can be played here.

Analog Waffle

Still a work in progress, this board is run on vintage hardware consisting of the following :
Pentium 1 CPU/64mb memory
4gb flash IDE drive
Com1: Lantronix MSS 110
Com2: 14.4 modem over VOIP
Running Waffle BBS Software
Doorway to BitSunRise
Local TradeWars2002 (TW2002)
Local Global War  (GWAR)

Another F-ing BBS

This BBS is dedicated to Old Computer Software such as IBM PC/JR, IBM XT, AT, 386, 486 and 586’s. ¬†Mainly DOS software, some Windows 3.1 stuff but mostly DOS stuff. ¬†Either Shareware or Freeware.

If you’re looking for modern stuff, you won’t find it here. ¬†We also are not a Gaming site, too many other sites offer that (Doors).

Also home of the Original BBS Door Games  Star Trek,  Star Trek The Immersive Game, Story-Board and Break The Web!  All written by the Systop Gary Crunk.

Browse, ¬†Download and Enjoy. ¬†Leave comments and I will completely Ignore Them! ¬†ūüôā Enjoy the BBS.

Running on a Windows XP and ¬†Mystic BBS software. ¬†Operating 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, 368 days a year. ¬†We’re Dedicated!



Alcoholiday BBS

“That’s one of the best BBS logos ever made.” – Hawk Hubbard, sysop of¬†Black Flag¬†(The World’s Most Dangerous BBS)


Due to abuse of the system by a user who apparently has nothing better to do than troll bulletin boards, we’ve had to implement a rotating new user password.

Current new user password: FR33B33R

Alcoholiday BBS! Est. 1995, reborn in 2001, and born yet again in 2015. Running Mystic on a Raspberry Pi 2, a dozen message nets, three stylish themes (custom art by Blocktronics, Impure and more). “The online cyber keg party.”

Alcoholiday is not an “art board” per se, but a board that appreciates good art — both of the “Amiga ASCII” and CP437 ANSI variety. Our main theme is called “Danger Girl” and is inspired by deadly women of comic books.

“The West Gate” is Alcoholiday’s more mystical alter-ego, based on the symbolism of Freemasonry, and is available as a theme at login. We also have a “Minimal” theme that is purely ASCII-based for ease of use with non-ANSI terminal clients, and limited mobile apps.

Alcoholiday has very few file areas, as we believe the spirit of the traditional bulletin board is within its message bases. However we are an official iMPURE Ascii distribution site, and we do feature a handful of unique file bases for retro esotericism.

We suggest Netrunner or Syncterm for the best experience. Both clients will automagically change fonts so ASCII resembles its traditional Amiga font, and ANSI blocks are represented properly. The browser-based terminal below will also work, but results may vary.

Alcoholiday wouldn’t exist without the help and support of a few folks: Caphood, Jack Phlash, Griskokare, Luciano, g00r00, Avon, Metalhead, Gryphon, H7, Skuz, Shooter, Weatherman, and many others.

Be sure to follow Alcoholiday on Twitter @alcoholidaybbs as I post all sorts of BBS-related stuff there.

-Zero Reader

Networks carried:

– AgoraNet (46:1/166)
– ZeroNet (911:1803/0)
– DoRENet (44:100/1)
–¬†Survival Net (9:91/18)
–¬†fsxNet (21:1/113)
–¬†FidoNet (1:123/525)
–¬†WWIVnet-FTN (11:1/202)
–¬†VKRadioNet (432:1/103)
–¬†RetroNet (80:774/8)
–¬†CyberNet (40:200/20)

Home of several Python scripts by Zero Reader:

– Solar-Terrestrial Data
– Raspberry Pi System Info
– Google Trends (ported to Python from Frost’s original script)
– TopBox (The weekend’s top-grossing films)
– Local weather/Moon phase conditions
– Trump Tweets (For fun… not a political statement)
– RSS Robot for dumping RSS feeds into message bases
– Drunken Quotes
– And more…


Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 4.31.41 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.14.47 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.18.13 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.14.13 PM


Video: Mystic Guy’s Review is a Web enabled BBS dedicated to new 80’s themed music, games, music gear. also has networked BBSLink games such as LORD and Tradewars. There a multitude of message networks along with an active BBS to BBS online community. See you there!

Alpha Centauri BBS

Alpha Centauri is my nostalgic attempt to have my first WWIV board up and running. Currently there has been a resurrection of WWIVnet and it is operational and networked with more than 12 other WWIV boards at this time. If you are interested in technical conversation about WWIV software, this is the place. Also have some door games up and running for those who like to play as well. Just be aware this is on port 2002.


AnonBBS began as a TELIX SLT script in 1996 as a subset of the SDF Public Access UNIX System to “get back to our roots” so to speak. It has continued as a TELNET only BBS and allows for registered and anonymous users. It offers a message board, chat and single and multiuser games.


The Arcade BBS is an old 80’s type BBS returning to the new era of BBSing. The Arcade offers message bases, online games, and a growing transfer base. Stop by and check us out!

Archaic Binary

Simple open to the public BBS offering door games and file downloads. Converting from an old TriBBS setup to a custom C# solution.

A Missing Chromosome

Dedicated to retro gaming and computing, gravis ultrasound,vintage mopeds and small displacement motorcycles, and DIY ethics. Filez, Appz, Gamez, Romz, Textfiles, Rare Service Manuals and Brochures for vintage mopeds and cycles, 1:1 images of 5.25″ and 3.5″ floppy diskettes, and it’s growing every day! Now with one of the largest collections of Gravis UltraSound files in the world: Drives, Demos, Utilities, Manuals, you name it!

Adept BBS

The Adept BBS is a Worldgroup BBS based in Louisville, KY. We first went online in 1992 and were one of the original MajorMUD beta sites. While many of our original games are no longer available, we still feature MajorMUD, Tradewars, Swords of Chaos, Tournament LORD, Worldlink Teleconference, and many others. All Users receive free access, so feel free to sign up, log in and check us out!

AT2K Design BBS

This is the leading support center for Virtual Bulletin Board System (VBBS) and Virtual Advanced BBS (VADV) software. The AT2K Design BBS features many support forums, and networked message bases as well as files and the most popular door games available. So, if you want to learn more about this software, or if you are just looking for a fun place to visit, come check us out!